Sunday, 4 November 2007

Detox Ain't fer Sissies

It seems that these days, I'm always runnin' up to Steve saying, 'Hey, can you take a look at this...?'

It's usually some rash, some weird zit that lost its way to my face and set up camp on another part of me.

He'll roll his eyes and say, 'It's a ZIT!' and I'll say...'Yeah, but...THERE?'

It's really in my face lately that I NEED to learn to trust this process and trust my body's wisdom.

Growing up in a world that medicates and band-aids everything, from burps to thoughts--has taken its toll on me. I've always been a sensitive soul with a big imagination, and my loving mama was all too happy to cuddle me when I needed it. To me, that adds up to falling right into the 'Hey would you take a look at this?' syndrome.

With eating raw, I've healed such a host of health issues that I gained a lot of confidence, and with detox, I've felt some of that confidence unravel. Not on an intellectual level, because I KNOW that detox is great, and means deep-cleaning, and means feeling discomfort instead of ultimately disease that would have taken hold if I'd kept on the path I was...pretty fab trade-off. So I know all that but where it hits me is on an emotional level. You know, the place where we're all still 4 years old...?

But I'm comin' along. The fact that for most of October I was in some form of detox or another, really made me work at receiving it gently, without freakin' out...not always easy for me...because well, this post should just be titled BIG BABY!

I've been reading a lot about natural hygiene, the art of letting your body do the work it needs to do to be optimally healthy, without any interference whatsoever. That really speaks to who I aim at being. And I'm gettin' there. Going through this is teaching me.

So what is this detox I refer to? Well, you know that pretty much up until now, I've been on a raw 'high' ...feeling the best ever in my life...? Well, that's still there, but not as amplified, because this past month, I've been feeling 'low-grade' and zitty and rashy, even a headache or two, some big-ass fatigue, and just not my glowing healthy self.

Nothin' major... just feelin' sucky. This, too, shall pass... and when it does, I'll be insufferably vibrant again!

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