Friday, 9 November 2007

A Delicious Sandwich

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Take Ezekiel Sesame sprouted grain bread
smear eggless egg salad on both slices
on one slice, place a couple spinach, romaine, and swiss chard leaves
add three slices roma tomatoes
a handful of broccoli sprouts
a couple slices of avocado
sprinkle with
red pepper flakes, hemp seeds, and dulse


Wildhearted said...

Holey Moley that looks good!

I'm coming to your house for lunch!

Rawkin' said...

Oh Wildhearted, I would welcome you with open arms!! Please do come for lunch!! Wouldn't that be fun?



Wildhearted said...

Yes indeedy!

Here's hoping we can have a big Rawkinpalooza someday! ; )

alissa said...

i still haven't tried the sprouted grain bread. i bought some sprouted grain tortillas last week to try.

and my dog ate the whole bag.

my dog REALLY likes raw food.

he's barking at me right now because he wants some cheesecake.

Rawkin' said...

Well HI PG :)! How lovely to see you here! And wow,that's a lot of raw lovin'! ;)


Rawkin' said...

Wildhearted! :) That would be so awesome!!


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