Thursday, 9 May 2013

A little less cuke, a little more red, a lot of cycling

I'm down to nothing in my cupboards and fridge, and I went out on my bike to go pick a few things up at the grocery store.  But suddenly, I zigged instead of zagged, and ended up at the consignment store where I spent my beans on 3 summer tops!  (That's nourishment, right?)

Fortunately, at $2 each, I still had some left over for food.  ;)

But did I go to the grocery store from there?  Of course not!  I'm a woman!  I went back home to try on the tops!

Still hungry (doh) I looked again in my fridge and found that I did have 1/2 a pineapple, a cucumber, a little spinach, and an apple.  It was all in there when I last looked, but now that my world made sense again, a world where a woman can get cute summer wear for the total of $6, I saw it all with new eyes.  This time, I saw a Smoothie!

So I took about 1/2 a cucumber, (which in fact, turned out to be too much, and sort of took over the taste) cut up that 1/2 pineapple into chunks, sliced the apple, and threw in the handful of spinach and set the Vitamix a-going.

It made 3 big, frothy glasses full.  I am unsure as to the source of the froth, whether it's the pineapple or the cuke, but it separated as it sat there, with froth rising to the top. If memory serves, it's the pineapple. I suppose one could spoon it off, but I just drank it, and the juice that made it past it.  Until, of course, I misjudged the speed the juice made it past the froth, and spewed green juice down my chin and onto my new blue top.

A very refreshing drink, in more ways than one!

Next time, as I mentioned less cucumber, and instead of apple, I will try mango. And maybe more spinach.  Haha but it was good!  Not good enough to post an actual recipe, mind you, but still, good.  :)

My smoothie downed, my top dry, I am off to the grocery store!  I shall return, victorious and produce-heavy.


OK I have returned!!  I'm oil pulling as I type this, so if I sound funny, that's why.  heh heh.

That frothy smoothie from earlier kept me so full all afternoon, and gave me lots of energy.  So much, that I ended up biking over to my Mom's place, 6.4 km away, something that seemed impossible last week when I got the bike.  Yay!!  I didn't call her to let her know I was coming, because I didn't leave the house with that intention.  But I rode in her direction, and pretty soon, I saw landmarks that I was surprised to reach already, so I kept going.  As it turned out, it was challenging but totally doable!  Go Me!

We walked down to the drugstore and this is no small feat for Mom, since she has a cane for osteoarthritis in her right knee.  But she did it!  She has been wanting to get some color for her hair, so when we got back to the house, I sat her down in the kitchen and we went at it.  We had a lovely time, joking around as we do.  The lady at the drugstore said that because Mom had a lot of white, that we should go darker than her pre-white color (she was a classic red head).  Then she said, "Cause you know, you don't want it to go pink."  And I knew just what she meant, and it's the last thing I wanted (next to Bozo the Clown Red, my other concern.)

So I ended up choosing a dark auburn, that in the end, freaked my Mother out!!  Damn!  Hahaha I thought she looked super cute, and much younger, but she's never had such dark hair, (not to mention it's been white for the past few years) and it'll take some getting used to.  Lol poor Sweetie!!  She kept said, "It's not your fault, Honey, you did a fanTASTIC job!"  Haha I'll call her in the morning and see if she feels any better about it.  :D

All that was left to do was bike another 6.4 back to my door!  All in all, a good day.  Well, except for Mom!!


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