Friday, 29 March 2013

Life Today

Hey Rawkers...

Life in the VitaMix continues... I am living in London, Ontario, in order to be close to my Mom.  I've been staying with a couple friends in a couple towns, and now as of next week, will have my own little loft in a house shared with a nice woman.  Aaaaahhh loving the thought of settling in somewhere.

Do you know what I think about most when I picture a little space to nest in?  Setting up my raw food equipment again.  In the order of what I miss the most:  my juicer, my vitamix, my food processor, my dehydrator, and my spirooli.  SO looking forward to drinking green juices again.  My body is SO READY.

Also, looking forward to eating 'my way' again.  This little produce chart (above) inspires me to shop by color.  These next few months are for cleansing and healing my tired and overweight (again!!) body.

The big lesson lately is to reach for the best thought in every situation.  Otherwise, I go down the rabbit hole, and it's dark down there!! 

So, to achieve what I’m seeking to create, I'm choosing to accept whatever is happening in my life at the moment, and opting to BE HAPPY NOW.  How?  By always reaching for the best-feeling thought in every moment.  Feeling good attracts more good.  

How *you* doin'?


Anita Breeze said...

Hey my friend, missing you hear on the West Coast. Came here to find your brownie recipe! I'm back to drinking green smoothies every morning again. Its a start!

Rawkin' said...

Hey!! How great to hear from you xoxo Thank you for dropping me a line. I miss you a lot!! I hope all is well with you. Hey, and the brownie recipe...what a great reason to stop by!! I am starting green smoothies again, too! Go US!! xoxo big love to you, BFF!

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