Friday, 16 November 2012

Delicious Green Juice and Stuff

I made THE most delicious green juice today!

I halved a long English cucumber length-wise (seen here, cut again) and put the unused half in the fridge.  Sliced up 3 stalks of celery, 2 small green apples, 1/2 a lemon, and added a little bit of parsley.

It was a beautiful and very nutritious green drink.

Cucumbers, with their high water content, calcium, iron, and Vitamins C & A,  give you great skin, and they are great for weight loss.  Need I say more? ;)

Lemon:  There is so much good stuff in the simple lemon, that I don't even know where to begin!  A natural diuretic, lemon helps with water retention.  The citric acid, which gives it its unmistakeably tart taste, is also what makes it a digestive aid.  Lemons are a rich source of calcium and potassium, so you can expect strong bones and teeth, as well as healthy blood pressure.  Read more:  25 Health Benefits of Lemons

Green Apples: A good source of Vitamins C & A, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6.  Because green apples contain a lot of fiber, they help with constipation. (Hey someone has to say it!  Have you read the Poop Post? Courtesy of, The Poop Post is THE most Googled reasons people end up on this blog. Fascinating.)

Did you know green apples have some benefits over red apples?  They have proportionately less fructose than red apples, making them a better choice over red better for diabetics.   Also, due to their bright green color, they contain more Vitamin C than red apples.  To me, apples are ALL bright and juicy and great.  I eat so many apples, of many stripes.  My faves being green Granny Smiths and red Macintosh.  The only ones I truly dislike are Red Delicious... blech.  But that's me.  Anyway, the ol' 'Apple a Day...' thing, well turns out it's true. 

Celery:  Celery helps reduce high blood pressure, prevents kidney and gall stones, helps with insomnia, weight loss, and better yet, can stop cancer cells from spreading! source

ParsleyAnti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer, Antioxidants, heart-healthy, and full of Vitamin K, which prevents calcium build-up in our tissues which in turn prevents cardiovascular disease, stroke, and atherosclerosis.  Pretty powerful stuff.

So all in all, a glass of total and complete health that had the added bonus of being completely refreshing and delicious!  So much so, that I'm making it again tomorrow.
Later in the day, I enjoyed a big ol' salad for lunch, (seen here with Buttons the Cat, the big blob.  Such a sweetiecat.) along with a bowl of Hot & Sour Soup.  The soup was left over from the night before's Thai take out that my family indulged in (while I watched.)  They know I love this spicy, broth so they save it for me for lunch.  I find it funny that one bowl has all of 4 mushrooms in it, and funnier still, that these become kind of like the cracker jack prize when I get one on my spoon.

In other news..

I found my efforts at getting out the door for regular walks kind of hit n' miss, so I have reached out to a couple good friends to join me.  As a result, I have not one, but two, walks scheduled for tomorrow!  One at 10:30 and one a 2!  And one on Sunday! (Haha... careful what ya ask for!!)  Actually I couldn't be more delighted.  All with different friends!  It'll be great to catch up with my buddies.  In that way, it's a double whammy...friendship annnnd exercise.



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