Sunday, 1 July 2012

These Days...

Things are rawkin' along these days.  I've been taking Essiac because of its wonderful immune boosting qualities.  You can take it via Flor Essence or the Original formula, which is what I'm doing.  I notice high energy but I also notice a gentle detox going on.  I intend to stay on it.  I first heard of it when a woman I met on Maui told me she had tumors and then 8 months after taking Essiac, didn't.  I loved hearing it from the source, so it intrigued me enough to research it.  Turns out one can take an aggressive dose if one has a condition such as cancer, or one can take a preventative dose.  It's da bomb.

So it sits in the fridge, way in back of the middle shelf, and gets pulled out twice a day.  First thing in the morning, and first thing upon returning from work.  It tastes like socks but mild socks, I imagine.  So it's all good.

The fridge is becoming a bit of an issue, though.  As I've been living with my sons and their father (my life long best friend) they are becoming wary of the growing leafy greens taking over the shelves.  The crisper drawers are overflowing with produce and there is little room for the usual stuff that's in there.  My youngest (who is 20) and his Dad are the meat-eaters and my oldest (23) is a vegetarian, and I range between vegetarian and raw these days, so the fridge has a bit of a complex.

I do have a new kitchen to myself downstairs, (pictured) with lots of cupboard space... but no fridge.  SO...that's on my list of purchases...a gently-used apartment sized fridge.

When I was eating like the rest of the family, I was starting to feel the sluggishness and I was looking terrible, to be honest.  Dark circles under my eyes, the beginnings of jowls (NOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!)  They love and defend their way of eating, and that's cool if that's what they want.  But my body was letting me know in no uncertain terms that it wants something else.  So since I turned my eating around (gently, as per my last post) I have easily shed the jowls, the dark circles are leaving, and as an added bonus, lol, so is any additional weight.  I feel oodles better, overall. 

Another thing I read about and became fascinated about, was how beneficial turmeric is.  I started by putting about 1/2 a teaspoon in all my smoothies (which turns every smoothie, regardless of the contents, mustard yellow.  Too funny.  You can't taste it, though, which is the only way this would work, right?)  But then I heard about New Chapter Turmeric Force and I've been taking one of those a day with my evening meal.  I call them horse pills, due to the size!  But they glide down easily.

I've been making things like Kelp Noodle Heaven for dinner, and sometimes, what hits the spot is an avocado sandwich on sprouted grain Ezekiel.  Love it with spinach, tahini, and red pepper flakes...dayum! 

A really nice side to your sandwich is Curried Chickpea Salad:

2 cans cooked chickpeas (if you want, you can use sprouted chickpeas but I find them too hard)
1 large carrot, grated
1/3 cup raisins
2 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp water
1/2 tbsp tamari or Bragg’s or Nama Shoyu
2 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp curry powder
2 handfuls of mixed greens (I like Organic Spring Mix)

Blend together everything but the chickpeas and greens.  Gently fold those in after.  Walla!



The other day I made falafels.  They were delicious, but it was the first time I'd used my dehydrator since moving into the House of Men.  After putting up with the constant hum of the dehydrator for several hours, my kids' dad suggested it was a bit much.  Sigh, and it was.  I never used to notice it much, but in this big upstairs kitchen, it did echo and seem extra loud, even to me.  So it's been relegated to a new room all its own... the mud room!  (Haha it can't live in my kitchen downstairs because he is a sound editor and that's where his studio is, and the noise of it interferes with his work.)   So luckily the mud room has power, so it's going to be sitting on a little tv table out there.  Lucky for me, it's adjoining the kitchen, so the fridge and prep area are only steps away.  It can hum away in there with the door closed.  The 'mud' room is spotless, otherwise I woulda had no part in it!

Makin' it work is what it's all about.

Happy Weekend, Rawkers


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