Monday, 5 September 2011

New Growth

Hey Rawkers!

Check out this gorgeous life! Yes, *YOURS*!!

But I also mean the Celery Mama & Baby portrait at't it cool? My friend at work showed me and I stopped what I was doing and took a couple photos of it. (Yes, I usually have a camera up my sleeve!) Anyway, felt like a priveledged peek to me. :)

Work is cookin' (make that 'uncookin') along. I am now mostly in the Packaging Department, which I really like. Got a raise, which didn't hurt my feelings at all!

Most of all, I'm making friends I feel I'll keep for a long, long time. Oh, and my oldest son Leon is working there now, too. And it's such a pleasure to see him at work. Everyone loves him and it makes a mama proud. I just love getting to see him so often nowadays. Is that really a word? I felt I needed a horse and a gun to say it for real. ;) Anyway, I'm working on getting my younger boy, Dylan in there too. The place is life-changing, with what they feed you, and how they treat you, and the people it attracts. Here is the website.

Well, as sweet as everyone I work with is, I know I'm driving everyone nuts these past weeks (maybe longer, who knows, lol...) I am obsessed about returning to Hawaii and it's all I think about, and as a result, I can't go 10 minutes without mentioning Maui. I'm sure they are all dead-sick of me by now... when I booked my flight for the 23rd of October, everyone seemed so pleased to hear it... I'm thinking it's so they don't have to keep hearing about it. *blush*

My friend Rich told me recently that when his friends rant on and on about something, he tells them, "Hey, you should start a blog. I bet there are lots of other people who would appreciate your point of view." haha

So I'm going to take a page from his book and blog about it here and try to shut up about it at work. (I'm going to be strangely quiet.)
'Front Street' (Lahaina Maui) c Lucie Walker 2011

Here goes: I'm going to Maui from Oct.23-Dec.19. I've got accommodation there, and I'm going to relax in paradise and hang out with friends I met in April. It's all falling together really workplace, bless them, gave me the time off, and my landlords allowed me to sublet my sweet apartment. I rented it to a great guy and it's all set for Sept 15.  (I figured I would stay with my sons and their Dad--my all-time BFF--Brian.  This allows me to save some money by not having rent to pay between then and when I leave.)

I sure look forward to being there again. Happy sigh. Part of me, the flip side, is wondering if I've lost my freaking mind. The question that kept popping up at first was "Why do *I* get to go?" Of all the people I know, I am the least likely to just up and go like that.  (But watch me.) ;)

What's dawning on me is that we *all* get to go. (*all* being single woman starting over, lol.)  It's just a choice I'm making. Make the same choice. Actually upon second thought, it's more of a compulsion than a choice. I feel an inexplicable push to go, to the point where even though each next step seemed scandalous (in my world), I took it. This isn't like me at all! At least not the pre-EFT me. But the need to go is outrunning the fear so far. I just need it to keep runnin' 'til I'm on the plane. I'm taking every ripple of fear and tapping it out as I go. I'm still cool to fly, etc, but what's different than last time is that I'm going to be alone, and I'm going for so long. Tap tap tap... :) I am confident that by the time the day to leave is here, I'll be fine, so I'm not so much worried, as sharing. :)

Comin' at you from my midnight haven;
an all-night coffeehouse with wireless and a chilled vibe


In other news; more relevant to this blog: I have been dropping weight steadily since my return from Maui, and now am at 135 lbs, which is right in the neighborhood of my original raw weight loss in 2007. This time, it's not about losing weight as it has been about finding balance. Remember this article? Talked about taking aim at Fabulous. That's all. I just keep reaching for a better-feeling thought in my life when I feel down about anything, and things shift. What's odd this time about this weight loss, is that I'm not focusing on trying to lose weight; just trying to feel great in my life and it's coming into its own.

I start the day with a cup of chamomile tea before work. At work, I drink a green juice called the Deep Cleanse, which contains Cucumber, Celery, Parsley, Cilantro, Ginger, Lemon, Burdock Root. I usually request coconut water to sweeten it a bit, and sometimes a chunk of apple or pineapple. It's a taste reminiscent of Green Lemonade.  Later in the day, (ironically) I get a Morning Greens, which is sort of the smoothie version of this juice, and I'll eat a bit of fruit, and very occassionaly, a salad. Add to that all the juice and smoothie shots I get through the day, and I'm rawkin' until dinner. Every Tuesday for the past while, I've been meeting up with my music friends, and I eat a full-on meal of the SAD variety but left to my own, I'll just eat quinoa, or have a bowl of mango or other fruit. It's just what I'm reaching for, more and more.

The test will be if it lasts. ;) So far in my life, I've moved in and out of balance. It would be nice to know I've found it, but it's a naive thought, at its core.

Ah... life. :) I LOVE IT!


*EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique


Anonymous said...

Started my morning reading this glorious news and it all just set me to dancin' ! Love you, Islander

Rawkin' said...

Aaah! Thanks, Islander!! Love you so much!!! xoxo

SW said...

Aw, honey-pie, I'm so happy that you're life is flowing. So dang happy! Let's get together soon before you head off to...yes, you're really going (and it doesn't surprise me one bit, you magical girl, you) ...Hawaii!!!
Love you long time

Rawkin' said...

Steph!!! :) :) :)
I'll get a hold of you today!!!
PS Thank you and as you know, Love You Long Time xoxo

urbanfruitbat said...

Girl, you are goin because you deserve it. You are so wonderful and spread light where ever you go. Much love.

urbanfruitbat said...

LADY! I tagged you in my blog post today! Just thought I would let you know! <3

Anonymous said...

Love that you're blogging again and finding bliss in your life.

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