Friday, 10 June 2011

These past couple weeks, I've started to feel the benefits of eating a high raw diet.  One of the first things I noticed was less bloating after meals (and overall.)  Next thing was a lack of cravings. (I'm usually ruled by cravings, and that's what usually derails me.) Then I started to naturally awaken each morning around 6:30, ready for the day, and I suddenly felt like doing new things like long walks and yoga.  I also noticed a lessening of joint pain. 

Today topped it all.  I woke up and had no pain at all in my body for the first time in...I can't remember. 

Proof that big changes are afoot. 

I've been eating mostly fruit, smoothies, green juices, salads.  I've had a bit of cooked quinoa with some steamed salmon this week, but otherwise been keeping it raw and light.  My outlook is brightening, that's for sure.  Someone at work commented on my lookin' goooood, lol.  OMG how could I forget?!  This guy told me I looked too young to have sons as old as mine and when I told him I was 47, he was genuinely shocked and said, "I'm 40, and I thought you were younger than me!"  (Wow thanks, Dude!  Are you high?)

So yeah, long walks and yoga... I am amazed at myself for trying yoga, at long last.  I've been resistant for years.  I've gone to Kundalini and Hatha this week.  Kundalini was more spiritual, and Hatha kicked my butt.  Only in the sense that I'm new at it, and kept tipping over in some one-legged standing pose, and was generally breathing in when I shoulda been breathing out.  Plus, it's a lot more vigorous than I imagined.  I like how it leaves me feeling well into the next day, which is what I think has my attention the most.  It seems to easily produce a sense of well-being.

As for walks... I've been going to the beach.  Sometimes I go early in the morning, sometimes to watch the sunset.  It's that "more energy" thing I'm talking about.  I think raw makes me look outward at what's around me, and makes me want to be part of it. 

Just keepin' on going.  Feels like the right direction.


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