Monday, 14 March 2011

I've been learning a lot since working at the raw food restaurant.  When I first started into the raw food lifestyle, I encountered many confusing things.  One of the biggest was soaking nuts.  I hadn't heard of it before in my life, so it took a while to gather all the information I could in order to get my questions answered. 

"Do you soak things on the counter at room temperature?"

"Does every kind of nut get soaked?"

"Do you keep them in the fridge?"

"How long do you soak almonds for?"

"I heard you don't soak pecans...?"

Anyway, you get it.  I had a new qestion for every question, and for some reason, couldn't seem to get the full picture.  That and sprouting seemed like a hella big deal.

Since starting my job in the Manufacturing Department 7 months ago, I've been soaking all kinds of nuts.  Almonds for almond milk, or for dehydrating and go on to be used in granola bars

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