Thursday, 3 June 2010

best laid plans...eating on tour

I've been out on tour, performing house concerts and visiting family and friends!  What a wonderful time we're having!

We're still a ways from home, with one more show before we land, then 4 days of work, then back out on the road for a couple radio interviews and a concert 10 hours away.  After going over 3,000 kms, this seems like a picnic.

Well this is a raw food blog, so I'd best dabble in that kind of talk for a moment.  We took this trip in an RV and even brought along the dehydrator and vitamix, etc.  I made raw flax bread, raw carrot bread, eggless egg salad, nori rolls, zugetti, lots of avocado sandwiches and tons of salads...we were raw for the first week solid, then the second week we started the round of visits with family & friends and house concert hosts, and by the time you're reading this, I've put on about 15 freakin' pounds.  I get fat on every tour!  I'm so annoyed with myself. 

It just goes to show you that wherever you go, there ya are.  And that just like at home, where your kitchen is, if you bring your kitchen on the road, you're still subject to the same, if not more, pitfalls and awfuckits.  I get a wicked case of that on the road.  One year, if you read the archives of this blog from 2007, we did the trip without stepping foot into a diner and lived high raw and lost weight and shone and glowed and all the rest of it.  It's been my brass ring ever since. 

Alas, not this tour.  At least, not after a week or so.  I forgive myself.  Anyway, that's me, in the first week, rinsing out sunflower soaks to make nori rolls at a campsite.  And above, a raw snack I made us for highway noshin'.

I have come to see that I am dealing with emotional eating.  I saw my sweet Mom, I drove all over my home town in a snazzy rental car, I visited old, dear friends, saw my old school, our old apartment building, and are you sitting down?? I took my Mom to the church we went to when I was a kid...those who know me and read that will see just how much I love my Mom ;)

All of it stirred up all kinds of emotions and with it, came all kinds of noshing.  On all the worse offenders.  To say I haven't enjoyed my complete lapse would be a lie.  But I'm now starting to waddle and my jeans are tight and I look like hell.  Steve says I don't but I see inflammation in my face.  Why, People, why??  Will I ever be Rawkin' again??  On a regular or better yet, permanent, basis? 

I'm going to find some books on emotional eating.  Any recommendations?


silvergirl said...

hey honey, i hear ya! and i heart ya!! :) Try Angela Stokes Emotional Eating book as a good start, i don't own it, but I have heard so many good things about it. I think that you, like me, are pretty much in that all or nothing kind of place ... and i am struggling here too. Trust yourself and trust what you know. And start over. xxxxx

Stefania (Ingredients for Life) said...

So glad to see you back. I know what you mean about the added weight. We try our best but we have to roll with the punches. Each day you're making a commitment to take care of yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you slip-up.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the book recommendation, I really appreciate it. I will look into it for sure. In fact, I think I'll go hunker down at my favorite bookstore this morning and look all these titles up. I'm so grateful to you and everyone for passing on this information. I believe that raw food is transformative, and I think you'll love the changes to your body and mind. If you read my archives, you'll see that it definitely gives one a new lease on life! I look forward to grabbing a hold of it again very, very soon. I am so inspired by your support and book titles, and feeling to look at this part of myself.


LoriB said...

Food: A Love Story, by Maureen Whitehouse

The book is just about to be released, but the program is available...

LoriB said...

p.s. We all really are doing the very best we can. I have been back and forth from raw to cooked vegan. Now I'm in the middle, I eat lots of raw with a little bit of cooked, and some days completely raw. Doing the master cleanse certainly helped, however doing the program I just recommended, Food: A Love Story, My relationship with food has completely changed for the better.

Thank you for being honest and sharing in your experiences. I know lots of raw foodists who go through the same thing, but never will admit it.

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