Monday, 29 December 2008

Human Bean checkin' in...

Long time no post.

In this age of reality shows, I think it not completely nuts to air my truth out.

I've been SAD since Oct or more ways than one. While I'm currently on the flip side of fabulous, I'm not done flippin'.

I went raw in the summer, during our roadtrip. But upon our return, we both just got lazy, and our last effort was 11 days raw in late October.

Then, for reasons unbeknown-st to me, at least, in this state, it all kinda went to hell.

Life is not the same on SAD food. Bloated, itchy, constipated, moody, chunky, aging...

We are climbing our way out of this now. Funny (not haha) how ya go back to sleep. It's a whole different level of being when you go raw. Can't say I'd believe ya if I hadn't done it. You don't even think the same way when you're raw. It's like you're looking out different eyes. Vibrancy replaces cynicism.

I know that once I release this addiction to SAD foods, my world will clear up again. Lately, I am pretty lost. And more lately, I'm finding my way back.



Aurora said...

"Like you're looking out of different eyes." That sums it up EXACTLY. In fact, I've told people that eating raw makes me feel like I really AM behind my eyes... and I notice how much it enhances my vision in a positive way... I especially get really tuned into nature.

Just rambling as I continue to poke through your site! You are so inspiring!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Aurora,

It's really good when we can relate to others, heh? I so appreciate that you're 'pokin' through this site' and getting some inspiration from it. That means the world to me.

And I, in turn, relate to you in that when I eat raw I really AM behind my eyes, too. Literally my vision improves...clarity, alertness, openess, and also, just feeling more 'present' and willing to SEE.

Take care,

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