Thursday, 31 July 2008

Well I'm back!

Back from my three week camping vacation from Vancouver to Ontario and back!

Back from dabbling into S.A.D. foods!

Just good ol' BACK :)

We took the same trip last year, camping our way to my Mom's house, staying at a campground while visiting, and camping our way back.

Before the trip, we made a pact to keep as close to raw on the road as possible. It turned out just great. Like the year before, we drove from one organic produce section to the next, filling the cooler.

There was one place in Northern Ontario, that didn't have an organic section, which really surprised me, since here in Vancouver, there are many entire grocery stores dedicated to organics.

I just love Winnipeg. Something about that city just really grabs me. (I've never been in Winter, mind.) Every time I've ever meant to just pass through, I've managed to convince my boyfriend I've got to stay an afternoon. it's got Organica!

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