Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Taking a stand when it means going against the flow is something I personally have found terrifying in my life.

I was not raised to speak my mind, certainly not an opposing thought!

Don't make waves, go with the flow, blend in, don't make a scene, not too loud, and for god's sake, SMILE.

Then came raw.

Now I really am smiling. :)

I'm also finding my voice in there. Funny thing to say when I'm a singer. Even that voice took a gold-embossed invitation and a lot of coaxing to come out.

The voice that is nudging me now is the voice that I wasn't allowed (aloud) to use. The voice that doesn't always say pretty things, that doesn't go with the flow, that argues popular notion.

On the inside, and to those safe couple of people uber close to me, I am a rather vocal and opinionated woman! But they call me the Singin' Frog. ...'Hello my baby, hello my honey...' but open the box and... ribbitt.

Between Eft and Raw, trying to stay quiet is like trying to keep a beach ball under water.

Not even about raw foods, but in general, the cleaner fuel I'm burning, the more authentic I feel. With that authenticity comes a truth that won't be quelled, even when it goes against the flow.

The discomfort hasn't been something I've been willing to experience but now, I feel too strongly about keepin' it real on every level instead of behind my hand.

You might be wondering if I have something I need to say that I haven't been able to... some confession of sorts. Not at all; just sharing that the more raw I go, the more real it all gets.

There was an uncomfortable period of time where all I felt going raw, besides my personal gains, was an estrangement from the mainstream, a sort of loneliness of standing aside eating my own stuff at a party full of cake.

Then for a while, it was an anger felt at the media for parading disease-causing foods on tv like they were magical and life-enhancing, and at the medical community for missing the whole nutrition connection, and medicating, medicating, medicating.

Well, things just ARE.

Now, I just feel freakin' fabulous and truthful and clear and authentic and light on every. single. level. I've found my voice and it just IS.


Anonymous said...

It just IS ...
and so it should be.

As Always,
Loving you,

SillyGooseMama said...

Hi Rawkin,
Good to hear from you--your posts are always so encouraging and inspiring.
And I'm so glad you're finding your voice because I think you have a lot worth hearing!!! Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly LOL, I'm with you!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome. You just are.


Anonymous said...

i really like to hear you have found your voice in all situations - you have so much great stuff to say!!!!

rawk on babe


Lhianon said...

love you
love your voice
and all of you that IS!

hugs and misses,


Bee said...

Raw is being raw sometimes. I salute you and wave a flag of leafy lettuce! Love you, Lucie!

xoxox Simi the Bee

Rawkin' said...

Thank you, Bee!! Waving my kale flag while sporting my stylish purple cabbage chapeau! :D

Love you, too, Miss Bee xoxo L

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